13 Things That Can Affect a Car’s Value

In this blog post, you will find several things that can affect a car’s value. Some of them are common sense, while others may surprise you.

It is important to know what these factors are so that when selling your car, you get the most money possible for it!

Make Sure Your Car Is Always In Good Condition

The condition of your car is one area you can never afford to skimp on. From oil changes and tyre rotations, these are the little things that will keep it running smoothly for years, with minimal hassle in-between visits to a local garage.

Keep The Interior Clean And Free Of Clutter

A clean interior is a pleasure to sit in, not to mention safer. It also makes it easier for you and any passengers to see what’s going on around you, which is especially important if your car has blind spots.

Change Your Oil Regularly, Don’t Let It Go Too Long

Make sure to get your oil changed regularly, not just when you see that the “Oil Change” light has come on in your car. Your car will run better and more efficiently if it does not have to work as hard. Keeping tyres inflated is important for safety and gas mileage.

Don’t Smoke In The Car

You may as well just give up and call it quits now, because if you smoke in the car – who knows what damage will be done? The smell of cigarettes can permanently stain your interior setting off any number of alerts from cars’ computer systems.

Clean Up After Yourself Inside The Vehicle

The car is your home away from the house, so you have a responsibility to make sure you are keeping your car clean. Make sure that there are no big piles of old food wrappers or cups in the back seat, make it a habit of putting rubbish in your pockets whenever you get out of the car, so that you may place them in the nearest bin.

The boot is great for holding things, but old newspapers and empty boxes can take up valuable space that could be used for groceries or other things.

Keep It Free Of Excessive Dirt And Grime

We take care of our homes and businesses, but sometimes we neglect our cars. After all, they’re just a means to an end. But keeping them clean is a great way to say thank you to the trusty vehicle that has been getting you from place to place for years now.

Keeping your car clean can help maintain its value, as well as keep it looking sharp, so it always attracts second glances.

It’s far too dangerous to drive without being able to see out of your front window, so make sure the windshield washer fluid is full and topped off with water. You wouldn’t want to be left stranded on the side of the road because you ran out of windshield fluid now, would you?

Add A Sunshade To The Windshield

One great way to keep your car cool during the hot summer months is by investing in a simple sunshade for the front windshield of your car. Not only does the shade help reduce the interior temperature, but it can also block out some of that harsh sunlight that may damage delicate dashboard components.

Make Sure Your Wheels Are In Good Condition

It may seem like a trivial detail, but having wheels that are badly in need of replacement can affect the way your car handles at high speeds. There’s nothing worse than spending your entire commute fighting to keep the car straight while driving.

Be sure to maintain proper tire pressure in every season. Keeping tires properly inflated allows them to last longer and improves fuel mileage. Tires also have a serious impact on how safe your vehicle runs, so tire maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and other drivers on the road.

Fix Any Dents Or Scratches As Soon As You Notice Them

A little dent or scratch may seem harmless, but in the long run, it can have a serious negative impact on your car’s resale value. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting repairs done yourself, there are plenty of businesses out there that will do it for relatively cheap.

Make sure all lights work throughout the car, a dashboard light may seem trivial, but having at least one bulb burnt out is dangerous when driving at night or in bad weather conditions.

Make sure brakes are in good condition, bad brakes are not only inconvenient when stopping but also extremely hazardous when accelerating. If you’re unsure if they’re working properly, take them to a mechanic or brake specialist.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

It’s important to be aware of your car’s check-up schedules. Changing the oil is one of the most basic services that can keep your car running smoothly for years on end.

Keep an emergency kit in the boot. If you ever get stuck with a flat tyre or run out of petrol, do you know how to change it? You might think so, but without the proper supplies, you could make things even worse.

For everyone’s safety, please buckle up! Don’t risk it; you never know when unexpected situations can happen.

Keep extra fluids on hand, having some extra fluid on hand is always good just in case there are any leaks. Any damages should be fixed as soon as possible to exterior components.


Keeping your car in good condition is essential for protecting the resale value of your vehicle. It also protects you from getting into an accident because if it’s not maintained, many hazards can arise when driving.

If you follow these tips, then you’ll have a clean and safe environment to drive around in!