4 Things You Need to Know When Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is a proud moment for many people. Some see it as the next stage of adulthood, while others view it as a requirement for work or life in general. Whichever the case might be for you, this blog post will share four things you need to know when learning to drive.

  1. Basic Requirements

In the UK, you can begin your driving lessons at 16, but you need to have a valid provisional driving licence. You can apply for your first provisional driving license through the GOV website. Other basic requirements include reading a number plate from 20 metres away, and you can discuss this with your optician.

  1. Practice Theory

Did you know that you can practise both parts of your theory test online? Practise will help you understand what you need to know for your actual test and can provide some comfort as you will not be going into the actual test unsure of what will be on the paper.

  1. Have Patience

Unfortunately, you cannot learn everything in a day, so have patience, both while learning to drive and passing your test. Have patience on the road, and respect your fellow drivers. Keep your patience, remain calm.

  1. Failing Your Driving Test

Don’t despair if you fail your driving test the first time, as you can rebook to take it again. Unfortunately, the waiting lists tend to be extensive, so you might have to wait several months. The good news is that this will give you plenty of time to study the areas you struggled on in the test.

When You Have Learnt to Drive

When you pass your driving test, you can immediately start driving, as long as you have an insurance policy, which means you get to experience the fun part – picking out your car! We have a range of current stock you can choose from, with the option of seeing what cars are in your price range, preferred model and make as well as the set specifications of us.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some understanding of what it takes to pass your driving test and theory.

Until we meet to issue your first car, we want to wish you luck!