8 components to check before your MOT

At some point in your vehicles life, typically when it is older than 3 years old, it will need to have its annual MOT to ensure it meets all road safety requirements. In preparation for your vehicles check, there are a few things you can inspect before your MOT test.

Check out this blog and see what 8 things you can check before your MOT.

What is an MOT?

Before we jump into what you need to check before your MOT, we want to discuss what an MOT actually is. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport test and involves the testing or your vehicle to ensure it meets all the road safety standards. The test is typically performed annually and consists of the inspection of your vehicle.

Checking your vehicle

While we always suggest that you seek a professional to inspect your vehicle, as they know what to look for and what repairs are needed, there are things you can check before your MOT to ensure that it is safe.


This is the first component on our list as it is the easiest and quickest to do. Just check the horn to see if it works, if it doesn’t, you will need to get it repaired.


Inspect your tyres for any cuts, bulges or objects in the tread. Make sure you are using the right tyres, and that they have the minimum legal tread, which is 1.6mm deep in the UK.


Next up are your lights. All your lights should be working and not damaged, which means you have to check for cracks or replace broken headlights.

Brake Fluid

Ensure your brake fluid is topped up by checking under the bonnet of your vehicle. The fluid level in the brake system should be between the two indicators, which are min and max.


Your vehicle must have one offside mirror and one interior mirror, both of which need to be intact and in the right position. Check your mirrors to ensure there are no damages and that they serve their purpose.


You should make sure there are no visible damages, cracks or chips on your windscreen. You should also make sure no marks are obstructing the view of the driver, and your wash reservoir has liquid in it.


To ensure that your steering is up to standards the best course of action is to seek professional help; however, you can check the tightness of the Column, and listen for any noticeable knocks when turning the wheel.


Finally, you should ensure that your vehicle is well kept and that the interior and exterior is clean. Regular inspections for any damages will help make sure your vehicle can be repaired before its MOT test.