8 Ways To Get Better Mileage From Your Car

This blog post is about how to get better mileage from your car. There are several things you can do, including driving in an eco-friendly way and keeping the air filter clean.

These tips will help you save money on fuel and keep our planet cleaner!

Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

When you bring your car in for its regular service, make sure that the mechanic checks all of four things: air pressure (or if it’s inflatable), alignment/bendability of each tire as well any worn spots on them. You can also get a gauge put into one yourself!

Keep The Engine Tuned Up And Running Smoothly

If you’re not sure about what’s involved in having your engine tuned up, it refers to the things factored into ensuring that your car is running smoothly. By regularly checking oil levels, and spark plugs with a mechanic during tune-ups – among other tasks–you can be confident driving around town knowing all systems are okay!

Drive Slower In Traffic

Less Fuel Is Used When Driving At 50mph Than When Driving At 70mph. So, next time you’re stuck in traffic, relax and turn on some tunes! You’ll save fuel plus you’ll also reduce the stress of arriving at your destination later than expected. Who knows, maybe knowing that you’re saving money will make it more bearable!

Use Cruise Control To Maintain A Constant Speed

Use your cruise control to maintain a constant speed. If you’re driving in the city, constantly accelerating and decelerating wastes fuel! So take advantage of this feature by letting it keep up with all those turns for you while staying within legal boundaries, just don’t forget about traffic laws!

Avoid Idling For Long Periods

Don’t avoid using your car! Just don’t do it for long periods. When you’re stopped at a red light, try to turn off the engine and put on your parking brake, setting the handbrake can still cause wear.

Keep Your Car In Shape With Regular Oil Change

Check your oil levels regularly and have them changed every three months. If you don’t know how to check the status of this important liquid, go ask for help at a garage, with a mechanic who will do it for you.


We’ve given you some tips to help get more mileage from your car. Now, all it takes is a little bit of effort on your part to save money and keep our planet cleaner!

Have any of these ideas worked for you? If not, let us know what else we can do with this blog post.