The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Car: Get the Best Price

Selling your vehicle can be a tedious and time-consuming process, with potential buyers trying to get as much value for money as you are, it can be hard to get the price you’re willing to part with.

Is there anything can you do in order to get the best price possible for your car? Well, yes, there are options available to you, some cost money, but it’s worth it in the long term.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you the ultimate guide to selling your car: Get the best price.

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Why do cars depreciate so much?

Cars depreciate, that’s no secret. Although newer cars will depreciate quicker than older cars, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but what’s the reasoning?

The more the car is used, the more mileage it will use, and is more likely to encounter scuffs, scratches, performance issues, crashes, you name it. Even cars with an astoundingly safe history still depreciate in value. 

Think about it like this, if you go to buy yourself a game console, or a mobile or smart device, a pre-owned model is always going to cost less than an unopened, unused model. The same applies to cars.

Can cars be sold for more than their original value?

This is extremely unlikely, though there are certain exceptions which are…

  • The car is a classic car that has been extremely well maintained. This would not only be bought by collectors or showrooms, but also film studios who would use it in filming period pieces. An example being the 1965 Lincoln Continental which appeared in the 2015 film, Legend.
  • The car is a rare or sought after limited edition model that has hardly been used. Depending on the car itself, it could be sought after by collectors and showrooms alike.
  • The car has received legal modifications whether this be aesthetically, performance wise, in the interior, or security system. All of these factors together would give the car a higher value. Although it unlikely to sell for more than it was bought for, unless the modifications are of the most exclusive standard, and even then it’s not a certainty.

The ultimate guide to selling your car: Get the best price

It’s no secret that a car loses its value almost the day it leaves the showroom. So how exactly can you counteract this depreciation? The likelihood is the longer you’ve had the car, the cheaper it may sell for, unless it is a classic or rare car, or modified.

There are a few simple steps you can take to get your car to a value that is undeniable, so here is what you can do to get the best price for your vehicle. Here is the ultimate guide to selling your car. And some suggestions may surprise you!

Repair any internal issues

If you went to buy a car from somebody, and certain internal features were not working as they should, or if it has clear performance issues, you’d be right to demand a lower price. This is because repairs may cost a lot, so buying the car at a reduced rate gives you more money to use in that instance.

So it makes sense that on the other side of the coin, the person selling the car would want it to be in the best working order possible, whether it’s the interior or the performance itself. Book your car in for a checkup at your local garage, and see if there are any potential issues that can be resolved before you sell the vehicle.

Repair any damages

Aesthetic damages can also lower the value of your vehicle, as some aesthetic damages may be difficult to remove, and again will cost money. In some cases, the damage could compromise the functionality of the car, which again will reduce the rate further.

Here are some examples of aesthetic damages or issues you can resolve before selling the car…

  • Give the paint job a professional touch up.
  • Remove any scratches or dents to the best of your ability.
  • Repair or replace any cracked windows or windscreens.
  • Replace any tires that are close to being worn out, if there are any.
  • Replace the bulbs of any lights that aren’t working, both inside and outside. 

Understandably, some faults or damages are the reason that some people choose to replace their car. As they may not be able to afford repairs, or deem them too expensive of an investment if they’re already going to sell the vehicle. If you’re going to sell a vehicle that is in need of repairs, expect to be offered a lower price than you think.

Give it a clean

A relatively obvious suggestion, but a clean car will always look more appealing than a dirty car, both internally and externally. A clean car will also give the potential buyer an inclination that the car has been cared for. Whereas, a dirty car gives the impression of a lack of care given to the car, which will encourage them to drive their price lower.

First impressions matter, there are many services that offer full deep-cleans and valets for your vehicle, it may be worth their services if your car requires some attention. 

Get a service and a MOT

Having your vehicle serviced and MOT’d, especially after repairs have been conducted, give the potential buyer peace of mind in knowing that the vehicle is in the best condition. A word of advice, you should keep the receipts for invoices whenever your car has been serviced, as well as previous MOT certificates. 

By doing this, you are displaying that the vehicle is very much looked after, and provides insight to issues the car has previously had. It also legitimises your vehicle’s history, and makes it obvious that you aren’t trying to pull a scam.

Upgrade it

Although this isn’t a necessity, upgrading the vehicle such as buying after market rims, or other features can help to improve the value of the car. Custom paint jobs may make or break a sale, so be careful with that.

Sell it with everything it came with

Similar to the way a collector’s item would be sold, having everything that came with the vehicle well help to keep the price up. Understandably, a buyer would demand a lower price if the vehicle didn’t come with everything it should, as they may need to go out of pocket to replace it. 

Get the best price for your car today

The team here at Byron Wynn Autos hopes that our blog helped you gain valuable insight that you can apply going forward. The ultimate guide to selling your car, may seem simple, but it will help you get the best price!

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