Top Ten Ways to Tell If Your Car Needs Repair

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t know how to tell when your car needs repairs, then this blog post is for you!

There are ten easy ways to tell that your vehicle may need some work. You just need to be observant and vigilant about what’s going on with it, so you can catch any issues before they escalate.

This blog post will give you detailed info about each reason why your car might need repair.

You Can’t Change Gears Without Grinding

The sound of gears grinding when you shift them can be an indication that there is something wrong with your transmission. The collar which slides over the end of each gear must collide with another piece, but it’s spinning at different speeds, so they don’t always hit perfectly, this leads to some minor damage being done and produces a grating noise!

Your Car Is Leaking Fluids From The Engine Or Transmission

There’s a leak in your car and you’re not sure what it is. It could be coming from anywhere, but one thing we know for certain: if left unchecked, fluids will end up all over the place – so it is better to quickly get this fixed before anything else starts happening.

There’s A Hole In Your Exhaust Pipe

If you notice a small hole in your car’s exhaust pipe, it’s best to take care of this right away. A mechanic can use tools like welding, that will stop any leaks, and create new parts while they work on fixing the real issue.

The Brakes Are Squeaking When You Press Them

It’s not uncommon for brakes to make noises from time to time, but if you’re hearing them any more frequently, or they seem especially loud, then there may be an issue with your car, and its service needs to be adjusted accordingly. Your pads might have worn out, which would explain why we hear these sounds coming through so clearly now!

Your Tires Are Unevenly Worn

The most common cause of odd noises in your car is when one tire has more wear than the other. You might be driving like a maniac, or there could just happen to be some gravel roads nearby that are giving it extra pressure-which leads us back into question: how do you know which side gets repaired first?

You’re Getting An Excessive Amount Of Oil In Your Driveway

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of oil on your driveway? If so, this might be a sign that needs to be addressed.

Remember when cars were made with balanced fluids throughout their engine blocks, and now it’s not uncommon for them only to use motor spirit, which leaves these vehicles vulnerable to many different types of damages, such as corrosion due to loss of compression, or leaks from joints between parts – especially if they aren’t maintained properly.

Your Vehicle Is Shaking Or Vibrating While You’re Driving

There are several reasons why your car might be vibrating. If you’re driving over bumpy roads then this is to be expected, but if it’s occurring when you’re on the highway or even just parking at home, then there could be some other issue that needs to be looked into.

With that said, it could just simply mean that one of your tires needs rotating, so don’t always assume the worst right away. You feel the car pulling to either side while turning left or right. A pull can come from anywhere between something small like a tire issue, which wouldn’t lead us to believe this would cause any problems further down the road, to an alignment problem that reveals itself by making steering more difficult.

The Steering Wheel Feels Extremely Loose

When your car begins making strange noises or jerking around during driving, it could be an indication that one of its front-end components is failing. These worn-out parts may cause you issues for years without being repaired if they’re ignored too long.

A loose helm may lead to serious damages if left unchecked due to poor handling by drivers or issues with their suspension system. Misaligned wheels are often caused because they’ve been overdriven which leads us into another problem, under inflation.

Misaligned suspension systems will cause unnecessary wear on both parts and also make it difficult for you to drive safely, if not fixed immediately. So don’t wait another day before getting this taken care of once-and-for-all.


You need to know what’s wrong with your car before you can fix it. If any of the signs listed above seem like something that could be happening, contact us for an appointment today!

We’ll help diagnose what needs to be fixed and make sure all your vehicle maintenance is up-to-date to prevent things from going wrong in the future.