Ready to Sell Your Car? Here’s How to Make It Stand Out

Did you know that many are predicting 2024 will be the best year since the pandemic for used car sales? With costs rising for many people, the reality is that brand-new cars are not a chosen solution for those wanting to manage finances carefully. In fact, February 2024 saw a 2.8% year-on-year increase, with the sale of used cars anchoring this point even further. All you have to do is look back at the history of used car sales in the UK to see that we are a nation of used vehicle lovers.

If you are one of the many people looking to trade in your car in favour of either a used or new vehicle, it’s essential to understand the do’s and don’ts of preparing it for sale. In this article, we will let you know how to make a car stand out so that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of other used vehicles looking for a new home.

What Are Buyers Interested In When Purchasing A Used Car?

Getting ready to sell a car is about a couple of things; understanding what the customer is going to be looking for and ensuring your vehicle is in a good condition to sell.

By taking time to consider what buyers are concerned with when choosing a used car, the process of selling it becomes even simpler. Some of the most common factors to be aware of are as follows:

  • 84% of buyers say price is the most important consideration when buying a used car. This means understanding the market and having a fair rate is essential. Also grouped into the same thought process is understanding the resale value and associated running costs such as fuel and road tax.
  • General car conditions, including current mileage, age, brand, service history and mechanical state of the car, are also considered.
  • Buyers also want to ensure the car sale is legitimate so using trusted suppliers is a common practice. We have already covered this topic before so click this link to find out how to avoid scams and fraud when selling a car online.
  • Preferences such as colour and style are also important, as are any modifications.

What Maintenance Steps Are Important To Consider When Selling A Car?

A big part of making a car stand out when selling it is ensuring that the condition is as good as possible. This means managing certain maintenance duties is essential, along with providing proof of having done so.

It goes without saying that the car should be clean and nicely valeted. While some people may be able to see beyond some dirt or dog hair, the reality is that, in most cases, this won’t result in a sale. By giving the car a detailed wash inside and out, it will not only stand out on listings but also mean you have less work to do when it comes to getting things ready when a sale is made. We think that the price of a professional valet isn’t much to consider when the result could be getting a good overall price for a sale.

Swapping out and doing up any parts of a car that may be looking worn or tired is also important. Something as simple as a shiny alloy or crack-free window will be enough to make the car stand out for all of the right reasons. This also leads to our next point: fixing any outstanding issues. Whilst a creaking suspension may not bother you as the existing owner, it will likely be enough to turn a new buyer cold. By consulting with a professional mechanic or dealership like ours, you can find out what would need to be done to ensure that your car stands out positively when potential buyers are taking it for a test spin. We also offer a full diagnostics service, which helps to highlight any problems. Providing a copy of this testing to a seller also ensures the advert stands out, as they can see that recent maintenance has been completed.

Another thing that may seem obvious but can commonly slip the mind of owners who have already broken the emotional link with their vehicle is ensuring car services are up to date. Car services not only add value but also offer an opportunity for any issues to be picked up, which can result in improving the condition of a car. Also important to consider is ensuring a full MOT history is available. MOT testing also again highlights any issues, allowing owners to make fixes that will ensure the car stands out. If a prospective buyer can see that any MOT issues have been resolved, a sale is more likely to be successful.

Lastly, dealing with any dents or pain chips is also a good idea, as it will ensure that the vehicle looks as good as possible. You can choose at-home kits for some minor tasks or consult a professional for any deeper damage.

How Can You Make A Car Advert Stand Out?

Another important consideration for making a car stand out when trying to make a sale is ensuring the advert is as strong as possible. When you choose to trade a car in, this is something you don’t have to worry about, as the garage will handle this for you. However, if you are looking to make a private sale, you will have your work cut out as there are many other vehicles you need to compete with. However, taking the advice below is completely possible!

Know The Correct Pricing

Our ultimate guide for selling cars to get the best price includes being realistic with the money you can make. Following our do’s and don’ts can be made easier, but you should also do your research to see what the current market value is for your vehicle. Whilst the used car market is looking strong at the moment, other factors, such as model and fuel consumption, will impact the value of your car.

Use Strong And Extensive Photography

62% of buyers of any product show more interest when they can see a good amount of photos and/or videos. When it comes to car sales, this is the case so taking some nice images is important. Choose nice lighting, a good location and get plenty of shots so that potential buyers can gain a full view of what the vehicle looks like.

Include All Essential Information In A Concise Format

If your advert is written well with concise yet informed details, it will stand out. Buyers will want a balance of knowing about the backstory of a car plus obtaining specification information to help them make an informed decision. If you are not the best writer, why not try using a copywriting tool to make the task simpler?

Be Honest

Last but not least, be honest in your listings. People understand that users’ cars are not going to be in showroom condition which is reflected in the market value. Be open and honest about the car and its performance to start building trust with buyers.

Why Choose Byron Wynn Autos For Selling A Car?

If you want to make a car stand out, one of the easiest ways to do so is to trade in your car.

Our history as a trusted motor dealership proves that we have successfully helped many customers swap out their existing models for a different vehicle. We take any stress away and ensure the car selling experience is an enjoyable one. You can also use our finance calculator to get a clear image of what your costs will look like. We also offer full service and MOT support along with other maintenance work to provide ongoing support for your new investment.

To request a car or to enquire about our services, contact us now.